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Jane Dunkin is associated with many areas related to healing. Healthy Body ~ Healthy Mind ~ Healthy Spirit.

I have discovered the truth in the statement that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" and as you can see by my path as outlined below, I have had the benefit of many teachers. It is my desire to share what I have learned with you, in the hope that you will benefit as much as I have. Good Health is a choice.

Certified in:
  • Massage Therapy – New Life Institute of Massage Therapy, Redding, CA
    California Massage Therapy Council Certificate #11209
  • Myofascial Release Therapy, by John Barnes, Sedona, AZ
    MFR I
    MFR II
    Fascial–Pelvis Myofascial Release
    Cervical–Thoracic Myofascial Release
    Myofascial Rebounding
    Myofascial Unwinding
    Advanced Myofascial Unwinding
    Myofascial Mobilization
  • Reiki Master
    Reiki Attunements given by Teri Cummings
    Reiki Attunements given by Vicki Lawrence
    (so much fun, I wanted to do it 2x! )
  • Neuro – Linguistic Practitioner
    Scott McFall and Marge Perry
  • Emotion Code Level I – St. George, UT
    Dr. Bradley Nelson and Jean K. Nelson
  • Quantum Touch
    Basic Live Course – Joanna Niemann
    Video Workshop – Richard Gordon

Plus various classes learning how to use Essential Oils; Hot Stone Therapy; Dream Spa Therapy; Various Energy healing techniques such as Matrix Energetix; EFT; and Sacred Geometries.

When John Barnes was leading a guided meditation during class in Sedona, I had a vision of an ice-berg. I was given the understanding that the ice-berg is like a person. The part that is visible above the water is like the physical person. You can see the visible ice float … without knowing the depth and breadth of what is below, but that doesn't alter that fact that it is there. The greater part is connected to the whole by the water that it is both made from, and resides in … What happens to any part of the ice-berg happens to the whole, and affects the water below, which in turn affects the water of the whole ocean… I believe that as we help each other, and work together we are not only healing our own body, but we are healing the whole earth. We have a responsibility to make choices that reflect our desire to be well.

Many people see the current medical transition as a big problem… I see it as an opportunity for growth. I have learned that it is important for all of us to become our own best friends. We have to get involved in our health-care choices. I have experienced many health challenges, both my own and those of family and friends. It is my greatest desire for you to benefit from my experiences.

I deeply appreciate companies like Life Extension and Healthful Balance for the work they do to give us tools to work with. They are working hard to preserve our rights. I am proud to represent both companies, and hope that by doing so, I will help you find a path to the healthy choices that you deserve.

Please let me know how I can help you.